About Us

Our Philosophy & History

Breaking Down Barriers
Getting People The Help They Need

Providing care to people who are trying to face life's challenges — it's why we’re here and what we do best, and better than anyone else.

While almost every EAP provider “advertises” face-to-face counseling, many make it time consuming, if not impossible, to schedule a face-to-face appointment. We actively encourage — and make it very easy for — managers and employees to take advantage of our industry-leading solutions.

When employees call, they never get voicemail. A human being answers every call 24 hours a day, with immediate access to a counselor.

As a result, at VITAL WorkLife, over 70% of the counseling we provide is face to face — a rate of utilization unmatched in the industry, and completely based on employee choice.

Our break-down-the-barriers approach to getting participants the services they need not only creates a more satisfying experience for your employees, it also enhances the return on your EAP investment, by helping you to:

  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Increase productivity, performance and profits
  • Create a happier, healthier workforce and environment

More Than 30 Years Of Helping People
Meet Life’s Challenges Face To Face

Established in 1981 by Douglas Adamek, Ph.D., VITAL WorkLife is one of the pioneers of employee assistance in Minnesota. A progressive company that has continued to revolutionize itself and the industry it leads, VITAL WorkLife is committed to expanding the cost-effect services on which we built our reputation.

Today, our national network of over 30,000 master’s- and doctorate-level counselors is providing comprehensive services for hundreds of thousands of employees — and their family members — nationwide, wherever they work, live or travel.